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Elegant and original design

Connection with every Liquor Boards in Canada

Responsive or mobile platform

Traffic statistics

Mobile application development

Independent module for private importation

Custom catalog

EZ Focus "friendly"

Optimized management 
of product sheets

Detailed and uniformed PDF sheet of every wine

Custom wine lists

Solution rental(monthly payment)

Pain of the agency

20 novembre 2014

Several wine companies do not have the means to share, organize, and evolve in a changing context. The management of the catalogues of each agency can be a complex task and must be done manually on a daily basis. The connection to the liquor board is complicated and updates are not frequent

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THE solution

20 novembre 2014

Make our multi-operational platform available for rental to all small, medium, and large wine agencies by redesigning your website or by integrating a catalogue module to the current platform.

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Kork, the solution for all small, medium, and large wine agencies @kork @acolyte